As I descend the steps from the Saxonville Hotel, I cross into Ladysmith Avenue turning left into Argyle Road.  The Met is on my left and the sea is straight in front of me.  I am again in my ‘Happy Place’ I am in Whitby for our annual family holiday.  I first started coming to this English North Eastern fishing port as a child and, for the last 13 years, we have been coming here as a family.  As Joyce, my wife says this place “sings” to me. my-happy-place

Do you have a Happy Place you can retreat to?  Why is it important to have one in these busy times when life seems and feels like it is going at 100 miles per hour.

Most days I wake up thinking that it is such a shame there are only 24 hours in the day as there is so much I want to cram in, so much to do and so much to achieve.  I know I am lucky that I have these feelings but sometimes I really should put a brake on it and just take time to reflect on life.  To be in the moment: Being Bettina’s Dad – Transforming my life with mindfulness.

But I do have this happy place that I go to for a week each year and a place my mind retreats to when I close my eyes.

What makes Whitby a Happy Place (for me)?

  1. A place that has a calming influence. People move at a slower pace, most people go there for enjoyment rather than work.
  2. Somewhere that inspires me – you walk the same streets of Whitby that Lewis Carrol, Bram Stoker and Captain James Cook did
  3. The sights and sounds that are calming – most mornings I go for a run along the promenade with only the seagulls and the crashing waves against the sea defences to keep me company
  4. A place that never changes so that you have a spot that is always constant. There is little that has changed since my trips in the 1960s which is probably why much of the 1960s Police drama “Heartbeat” was filmed there
  5. The Saxonville Hotel (our favourite hotel) is: welcoming, family run, traditional, the food is sublime and the hospitality by the staff is second to none.

Why do you need a Happy Place?

  1. You need a place to go to recharge your batteries
  2. It brings a balance in your life
  3. It refreshes you both mentally and physically
  4. It is always something to look forward to
  5. When you are up against it, when things are going wrong, you know you have that place that will make you feel happy again

Footnote:  So that is my happy place.  Joyce (my wife) has just reminded me that her Happy Place and the place she likes to retreat to as often as possible is ‘NEXT Home’.