“To be someone must be a wonderful thing

A famous footballer a rock singer

Or a big film star, yes I think I would like that

To be rich and have lots of fans

Have lots of girls to prove that I’m a man

And be No. 1, and liked by everyone”

(The Jam)

In 1978 I was in Northern Ireland, I was a frustrated Mod (I had the clothes, loved the music, especially the Jam, but no scooter!)  The lyrics above are from one of my favourite songs from the Jam’s ‘All Mod Cons’album which I picked up in Belfast one Saturday morning.

To be someone must be a wonderful thing mirrored how I felt as a 22 year old.  I still wasn’t sure what I could achieve or what kind of man I would become.  Would I get married? Would I have a family? Represent my unit at a sport? Would I make a dent in the world?

I am now 60 and I reckon I must leave it to others to decide if I am ‘someone’.  However, I did get married; have always represented my units at running; I do have a family and, at the very least, I do know someone who is ‘Someone’ and that is my amazing daughter Bettina.

I have just spent a whole week with Bettina in Whitby and being around her 24/7 inspired me to write this post because if anyone is “No 1 and liked by everyone” it is Bettina.

Bettina to be someoneSo what makes Bettina that extra bit special that prompts people to remark that she is ‘Someone’?

(If you are new to my blog Bettina is my youngest daughter who copes with a learning disability, autism and epilepsy)

  • She has charisma and people are drawn to her to the point they want to feel part of her life
  • Bettina does things that matter to people – she makes a difference in a person’s life
  • Bettina gives her unconditional love to those she cares about without expecting anything in return
  • Bettina quietly progresses in every aspect of her life and she never stops trying to surprise everyone
  • Bettina does not have an ‘agenda’ to enhance her own position – there are no sides to Bettina (just like her equally amazing sister Jennifer)

So, in my opinion, these are Bettina’s Top 5 Tips on how to be ‘someone’

  1. Live your life with integrity
  2. Do stuff that matters
  3. Live your life with courage
  4. Be happy and laugh out loud as often as you can
  5. Don’t worry about being ‘ someone’ as you are already amazing!!