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The Dosh Leadership Code

I was recently inspired to put together a ‘Leadership Code’ for Dosh, who support adults with a learning disability to have more independence and control over their money.

All of our team members are involved in communications and connections with: colleagues, stakeholders, commissioners, families and the people we support, and I consider each one of them to be a Leader.

My colleagues have been recruited for their values, beliefs and competencies and their desire to make a difference to the life of a person with a learning disability. We are a democratic company, and each member has an opportunity to make an input, contribution and change to the way we support people and the way our company is directed.

We have a strong leadership theme and culture in our company, which makes being part of it special. We published our ‘Leadership Way’ in 2014: / Five years later we are publishing our Leadership Code. A set of 10 leadership behaviours which form our principles and rules.

Read the Leadership Code for Dosh and let me know whether you think this particular code could be adopted by you, your team, your company or organisation.

Steve Raw
Managing Director for Dosh Ltd

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