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Leadership and Engagement Pack (April)

Welcome to this month’s Leadership and Engagement Pack (April 2020). As I write we are within the third week of lockdown in the UK with the expectation we still have weeks and possibly months ahead of these significant restrictions. So, for the foreseeable future our ‘Leadership & Engagement’ will be Covid19 themed to help and… Read More ›

Leadership and Engagement Pack (Christmas edition)

Welcome to the Leadership and Engagement Pack (Christmas 2019) I would like to start the review with thanks and gratitude to those who have contributed to the monthly pack throughout 2019, I would like to thank Joyce who provides the quotes and who also has the onerous task of proof reading my blog posts and… Read More ›

Dosh Financial Advocacy

The Dosh Leadership Code

I was recently inspired to put together a ‘Leadership Code’ for Dosh, who support adults with a learning disability to have more independence and control over their money. All of our team members are involved in communications and connections with: colleagues, stakeholders, commissioners, families and the people we support, and I consider each one of… Read More ›

Leadership Pack (June 2019)

Welcome to the Leadership Pack (June 2019). Damian Piper, our Performance coach and consultant, starts this edition with ‘Pride on the Inside’. After reading Damian’s article I am definitely going to do as he suggests “Over the next week pick one source that generates internal pride” I was recently fortunate enough to attend Thera’s leadership… Read More ›

Leadership pack (September)

Welcome to the September leadership pack. This edition includes my favourite TED talks, an ILM article on ‘Explaining Things’ and some of my most recent blog posts on Being Bettina’s Dad.


Leadership pack (June)

Welcome to the June leadership pack. This edition has a networking theme. It includes contributions from a number of former colleagues, colleagues and friends that really help make this a special edition which is full of ideas, tips and learning.

Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks

The culture within you

I have always been fascinated by ‘cultures’ within teams and organisations. What are they? How has culture developed? And what difference can you make as a leader and developing a culture? Read on to find out my top tips.

Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks

The makings of a good to great boss

This blog post is based on my experience of having 3 great bosses. What makes a good to great boss?

Steve and Bettina

Being Bettina’s Dad: When love is not enough to keep you Safe and Secure

For the first time I felt mortal, and I worried about Bettina’s future, realising I was only living in the now or at least in the next 6 months to a year for her. We started to discuss and we started to plan because now we realised that love would not always be enough.

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