Welcome to this month’s Leadership and Engagement Pack (April 2020).

As I write we are within the third week of lockdown in the UK with the expectation we still have weeks and possibly months ahead of these significant restrictions. So, for the foreseeable future our ‘Leadership & Engagement’ will be Covid19 themed to help and inspire you.

We lead this issue with two of my favourite thought leaders: Damian Piper ‘Are our values serving us?’ and Meike Beckford’s ‘Highlights from an MBA: Tame, wicked and critical problems – A Coronavirus Application’

“When I originally wrote my blog post, ‘Being Bettina’s Dad – This too, shall pass’ it was the weekend before the Prime Minister’s broadcast. Before the lockdown, we could still go to the beach and Bettina was still working at her Garden Centre and with the animals etc, supported by Personal Assistant/Job Coach. Her week has changed significantly and will do so for the foreseeable future. I therefore thought it would be timely to share an update on my original post. I hope you find Bettina’s resonates with you.

There are lots more articles, blog posts, tips, links to presentations and information in this month’s edition and I put them together in one publication just for you.


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