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The first article from Damian Piper our Resilience coach: “My work with people often involves conversations about individuals feeling out of control.  Competing demands for their time, bulging inboxes, the balance between professional and personal commitments are common drivers for this.  This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, frustration and dare I say it, for some, living a life as a victim of circumstances.” Is this you? 

Leaders Lean Back! “Sitting in the back of a freezing cold military vehicle, we are parked up on the edge of a forest. It is the middle of the night; the skyline is lit up by moon light and there is no wind – it is deathly quiet. It is cold because we are somewhere within the Artic Circle” My story starts in North Norway 35 years ago and is brought up to date.

‘Managing in turbulent times’ Roger Whalley provides us with another excellent article: “In 1980 Peter Drucker wrote a book called “Managing in turbulent times”. He didn’t know the half of it. The last year could be rightly referred to as “turbulent times”. You have probably faced and are still facing situations which two years ago you couldn’t have dreamed of.”

‘Be More Bettina’ a few weeks ago I was asked to write an article for International Autism Awareness Week. “This evening as we were sat around the dinner table chatting, Bettina has excused herself as she has completed a task (her meal) and is now on to the next ‘task’ and we recognised about how we need ‘to be more Bettina”.

A different approach to problem solving…. Phyllis Maynard (Phyll my friend and former colleague wrote “When it comes to Leadership, we all have tried and tested tools that we use to solve problems. I would like to share with you one tool that I have used as a Leader and also in my everyday communication with others” This article still receives views on my blog most weeks after 5 years since it was published and I recommend it to you.

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