Welcome to the Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Pack (May 2021)

Earlier in May I was invited by my organisation’s Communications Team to put together a daily E-Wellbeing Newsletter for Mental Health Awareness Week. For Mental Health Awareness Month, I would like to continue this theme for May’s copy of the Leadership Pack.

‘Gaining a higher perspective – the weekly review and plan session’ The first article from Damian Piper our Resilience coach: ‘For many of us the range and frequency of new things coming into our lives significantly outstrips our capacity. Just think about the last five years alone and consider the number of routes new ‘things’ can enter our world’

Managing My Mental Health – Landlord and Tenant’ by Joyce Raw. This is Joyce’s take on managing her own mental health. ‘My mental health, and consistent good nature, normally elicits two responses from others. I am either a) faking my ability to cope with all that comes my way, or b) I clearly do not fully understand what is going on. Neither is the case. To begin with, I come from a large northern family (four sisters and five brothers) where coping mechanisms, problem solving and taking care of yourself are the order of the day.’

Look after yourself first, by Roger Whalley ‘As leaders we can often find it difficult to prioritise our well-being because we are so involved with prioritising the well-being of our team. If we fail, then our team will possibly fail also. So, it behoves us to protect and take care of ourselves. Whatever your political persuasion, it did hit the country at the start of the pandemic when the Prime Minister was struck down. All of a sudden, his team had to step up to the plate and take responsibility for decisions that he might have made’

And a final article from me Do you suffer from nerves? If so, I am hoping my article will help you in the workplace and before your next big event. ‘Supporting you with some tactics to control your nerves’

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