(15th Anniversary Year editions)
2006 – 2021

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Highlights in this month’s edition:

Damian Piper our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: The best time to plant a tree is…? “There’s a Chinese proverb I like. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today”. How about taking this approach for 2021 and looking to squeeze all that you can from what remains?” “Taking stock of what you set out to do is the first step……….”

Sunday 14th November was World Diabetes Day; my colleague and friend Sarah Bolger has written an article to raise awareness Diabetes Type 1: Our life with T1D – (Type 1 Diabetes) I found Sarah’s story moving and inspirational.

Why Building Rapport and Positive Relationships is Important by Matt Bindon Thera Trust
http://www.thera.co.uk “To build a good relationship with a person supported or anyone that you want to get on with, we first need to establish a good rapport with them. Rapport is hugely important in any positive relationship building but is something that can also get missed out or easily overlooked………..”

From me: ‘My 30 Leadership Hacks – helping you to achieve more in less time’ This is an article I have been meaning to complete for some time, mainly because I started thinking about it 30 years ago! I hope some of these ‘hacks’ will help you save time and energy throughout your leadership journey. So, let’s dive in………….

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