The Christmas Special Annual

(15th Anniversary Year editions)

2006 – 2021

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 I would like to start this edition with thanks and gratitude to those who have contributed to the monthly pack throughout 2021.   I would especially like to thank everyone who sends me wonderful messages about both the Leadership & Engagement pack and blog posts ‘Being Bettina’s Dad’ series.  Your emails make my day!  Thank you for your support.

The ‘Christmas Annual’ includes a piece from each month, working backwards through the year.  Highlights include:

A new article from our Resilience Coach, Damian Piper We don’t have time for training…’  “This month’s article was triggered by a coaching conversation, where a quite stressed individual had got themselves caught in a loop that they didn’t have time for training and development (or learning and development) as they were too busy yet recognised the gaps in their own performance that were adding to the busyness.” Thank you, Damian, for writing exclusively for the Leadership Pack throughout 2021.  Your articles are awesome!

Managing My Mental Health – Landlord and Tenant’ by Joyce Raw.  This is Joyce’s take on managing her own mental health.  ‘My mental health, and consistent good nature, normally elicits two responses from others. I am either a) faking my ability to cope with all that comes my way, or b) I clearly do not fully understand what is going on. Neither is the case. To begin with, I come from a large northern family (four sisters and five brothers) where coping mechanisms, problem solving and taking care of yourself are the order of the day.’………

‘Giving Voices to Values’ Meike Beckford wrote this piece during her time as Lead Director for Dosh Ltd.  Meike is now the Head of Impact Management for Thera Trust www.thera.co.uk

Leaders Lean Back! (this is my leadership philosophy)   “Sitting in the back of a freezing cold military vehicle, we are parked up on the edge of a forest.  It is the middle of the night; the skyline is lit up by moon light and there is no wind – it is deathly quiet.  It is cold because we are somewhere within the Artic Circle”  My story starts in North Norway 35 years ago and is brought up to date.

6 Domains of Resilience.  Rebecca Alexander from ‘The Coaching Studio has written exclusively for us:  “The past year has been challenging for us all, and the question I’ve heard most often when coaching teams and individual clients has been ‘how can I improve my emotional wellbeing?” Thank you, Rebecca your article has certainly helped me, to better understand my resilience and wellbeing.

100,000 Versions of You from Jonny Rudge  “Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone we know will perceive us, our actions and our leadership in different ways….”  Jonny is Head of Fundraising for Thera Trust.

‘Me and my team’ by Roger Whalley.  Roger shares the work of Douglas Macgregor, from his book “The human side of enterprise” and his ideas look at the type of manager you might be.

Sunday 14th November was World Diabetes Day; my colleague and friend Sarah Bolger  wrote an article to raise awareness Diabetes Type 1:  Our life with T1D – (Type 1 Diabetes)  I found Sarah’s story incredibly moving and inspirational.   

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It’s not about how good you are 

It’s how Good You want to be

Courtesy of Roger Woolley emailed to me on 12 December 2021