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Some of our readers will know Damian Piper from Effective Challenge really well. Some of you will have been fortunate to attend his excellent ‘Resilience’ workshop and will have read some of his blog posts in the Leadership Pack. I am therefore thrilled to inform you that Damian has offered to write an article each month. The first in his series of posts, and first up in this edition, “is that just rude”. Damian has also been asked to contribute to an organisation that is looking to get more women into technology roles. One of his first articles ‘Where are you operating from?’ features towards the end of this edition. I personally recommend both pieces to you.

“What Bettina taught me when supporting a person” A question I am often asked, since leaving the Army to support people with learning disability, is “I suppose getting involved in this work has helped you support your daughter, Bettina with her care?” Actually it is the other way around. What I have learned from Bettina I have taken into my support of other people, and not just people with a learning disability. My post tells you how this has happened.

Each month I trawl through Ted.com for inspiring (and entertaining) presentations for you. I was helped this month by my colleague Sarah Bolger who has picked this one. (Thanks Sarah)

Emily Levine meets her ultimate challenge as a comedian/philosopher: she makes dying funny. In this personal talk, she takes us on her journey to make friends with reality — and peace with death. Life is an enormous gift, Levine says: “You enrich it as best you can, and then you give it back.”

‘In the Hot Seat questions’ I was recently invited by the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) to feature in their magazine for their ‘In the Hot Seat Questions’ series. I have included a transcript of the interview in this edition.

One of our regular contributors to our Leadership Pack is Ian Mclintock. Ian has kindly shared an article he recently published on engaging trustees in fundraising on LinkedIn Pulse. It’s a simple, practical checklist of ideas and has gone down very well. There are some excellent tips which I am going to follow

With my subscription to USA’s Success Magazine, I regularly receive emails from the magazine sharing top leadership tips and posts. I have included my personal favourites from this months messages especially for you: “4 Tips to Set Yourself Up for a Better Tomorrow Today” and “How to Live a Life of Value” I was inspired when I read them, I hope you are too.

This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 and @livelikearaw twitter feeds –  thanks Joyce. I also live on Twitter: @DoshLtd sharing leadership thoughts at 7am, 7 days a week.

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